Welcome to the perfect getaway, a lovely resort on a rock island….a place to leave your worries behind and be one with nature!
Our beautiful resort is the only accommodation on Ngellil Rock Island, which is one of the islands in a cluster of more than 20 rock islands in Airai. The biggest one is the “stone money island,” where Yapese stone money was made long ago. The area is serene and private, for those who want to get away from it all.
Our resort offers bungalows that are truly a marvel in architecture, a complex combination of the modern (luxurious interior), the natural environment (built around rocks, caves, fauna), and of course, the culture of Palauan people (Abai style exterior).
Our facilities also utilize such architecture, like the bar and restaurant, and the outdoor bathrooms.
The pristine environment, from the beautiful sea to the dense island jungle, will engage all your senses and fill you with inner tranquility… where you can try exploring, hiking, trekking, SUP (stand up paddling), kayaking, canoeing, bamboo rafting, snorkeling or fishing to your heart’s content.
Each of our newly renovated two-story bungalows features a private patio offering garden or sea views, and have all the comfort and privacy you need to relax and enjoy your stay.
More spacious, ideal for a family or a group of two – five people. Upstairs is a (9mx5m) room with a king size bed, a skylight, a love seat, big comfortable chairs and a coffee table, plus a bathroom with his/hers’ sink, a toilet and a shower. Downstairs is the same size, but has 2 large sofas, a long comfortable chair with foot rest, a coffee table, and the bathtub inside, with his/hers’ sink and toilet outside.
B O O K   N O W
Smaller (9mx4m) and ideal for couples, they include beds upstairs and large sofas downstairs, along with comfortable chairs and coffee tables, and bathrooms with either a bathtub (downstairs) or a shower (upstairs), sinks and toilets.
B O O K   N O W